What is holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is not a health food diet.  It's incorporating the whole person - body, mind, spirit, life stressors, personal history, needs, fears, dreams, goals - into an eating style or food plan.  Weight loss goals can be part of this plan, but following a strict, restrictive diet short term only sets most people up for nutritional deficiencies, feelings of deprivation, and ultimately, weight gain and potentially serious health problems.  "Yo yo dieting," the cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain, is actually more medically dangerous than being overweight itself. 

A holistic nutrition assessment begins where you are now.  Do you need help with a cycle of deprivation and binging?  Do you feel sluggish, tired, fatigued?  Are you addicted to caffeine, soda, or sugar?  Do you have symptoms of yeast overgrowth or hormonal dysfunction?  Is your body image controlling your self image?  Do you have specific weight or fitness goals?  Based on your current goals and lifestyle needs, we'll tailor a workable plan, and break the plan into very concrete, attainable weekly or monthly food/eating goals.  You can check in and consult anytime by email if you have additional questions or concerns between weekly meetings, and goals can always be adjusted to meet current needs.