What's the "right" way to eat?

There is no one "correct" way for all of us to eat, every day of our lives.  Nutritionally dense, unprocessed foods are better for our bodies, but that incorporates a wide range of choices.  I work individually with each person in a non-judgmental style that relies heavily on your own preferences and needs over any particular diet or meal plan.  Although you may choose or be interested in some of these things, you do not need to buy organic food, take vitamins, buy expensive supplemnts, become a vegetarian, or restrict foods you enjoy to benefit from what holistic nutrition consultation has to offer.

The "right" way to eat is the way that, through experimentation and consultation, leaves you feeling healthy, energetic, vibrant, and good about yourself and your body.  Which foods and in what quantities should be dictated by your increasing ability to listen and respond with care to your own inner cues, not your ability to strictly follow a diet.  I will help you re-learn to listen to your body and in the process, let food become a source of nourishment rather than anxiety.