Amy Rosenquist, MA, MS

Every seven years, we start over.

Our bodies regenerate daily.  Every seven years, we have completely replaced every cell in our body.  We create new cells solely from the nutritional properties of the food we eat.


If food has become a source of distress or "the enemy" rather than the building, healing force it was meant to be, consider professional consultation.   Holistic nutrition or eating coach services can replace fear and anxiety about food choices with positive, healing, healthy outlook and a renewed sense of health.  When weight loss or gain is necessary, following a nutritious, holistic plan that takes your lifestyle, realities and goals in mind is often the most effective long term way to achieve this.  We're meant to enjoy food and love our bodies; no one should have to be afraid to eat to live.


Confidential, supportive consultation is available in your home, office, or community setting.  Please email or call 773-330-2401 to schedule an initial assessment.